Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In the 'zone.

Whoever said Necessity is the Mother of Invention clearly didn't consider Boredom.

Last week I invented the couscous omelette. Cooked couscous in an omelette. One third cup couscous, flavoured and cooked. Two eggs, beaten and seasoned. Couscous mixed into egg and fried in a pan, finished under the grill. Now all I need is a catchy name. Admittedly, it did meet some specifications (i.e. needs) of mine. Sometimes I really hate how couscous is so tiny and bitty and how it flies everywhere whenever you're trying to serve or eat it. The egg solves this problem whilst retaining the texture you get from the processed wheat grain. Protein and carbs in one tidy meal. Sweet.

Inspired by an episode of Seinfeld called The Calzone, Dan and I made calzones last night. I fussily complained about there being too much dried herbs in the tomato sauce, but actually it all worked out just fine. The sauce had onion and wilted leaf spinach in. What else went in: black olives, cubes of fried eggplant, very firm tofu strips, chorizo-style wheat protein 'sausage' slices and vegan melting cheese substitute (which was rendered invisible in the cooking process). Jo brought basil leaves to garnish them. The calzone casing - white bread dough- was light, fluffy and just perfect. Calzones are so good! And now I want to go to New York City.